30 May 2021

What Are the Most Important Features to Include in Your New Home?

You’ve already decided that building your new home is the right choice for your family, but now you need to think carefully about the design of that home. What features do you need to give your family the comfortable lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about? What features could add value to your home in the future?

We break down some of the most popular features in today’s new homes so that you can make an informed decision about what you want in your own home.

Keep Your Home Tidy With a Mudroom
A mudroom gives your family a place to neatly store things like coats, boots, sneakers, backpacks, and sports gear. If you don’t want the dirt and grime from outside tracked throughout your home, the mudroom is an absolute must.

In addition to having a mudroom at the garage or side entrance, families who love entertaining are also finding it helpful to have a mudroom – or at least an oversized foyer – at the main front entrance. This gives guests the space they need to hang up coats when they come over for Thanksgiving or birthdays. It will also give your family a place to take off their shoes and set things down before heading out of the house.

What Are the Most Important Features to Include in Your New Home? Kitchen Image

Upgrade Your Kitchen
Kitchen renovations are expensive, so it’s wise to include everything you want in your kitchen in the original design of the home. Quartz and granite countertops are particularly popular these days, and they have a timeless appeal that’s unlikely to go out of style.

Families also tend to prefer kitchen layouts that include a large island at the centre of the room. This gives more space for food prep, and most islands have an eating ledge for a casual dining space. Think about including pendant lighting here. It will give the space an elegant glow, and it’s easy to replace these lights if styles change over time.

A Convenient Laundry Room
Gone are the days of lugging baskets of dirty clothes down to the basement to do the laundry. These days, families like having a convenient laundry room. This means thinking about placement. Some prefer to have it on the main floor because it’s easier to get a load of laundry started as you go about your day. Others prefer to have it on the second floor because it’s closer to the bedrooms, and this makes it easier to put clothes away. Additionally, some families are choosing larger laundry rooms that give them some space to air dry delicates or fold and iron. What’s your ideal scenario?