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The Best Home Features for Entertaining

As you think about building your new home, you’re probably focused on how nice it will be to finally have the space you need to entertain friends and family. Whether you’re hoping your home becomes the hub of your social circle or just want to have people over for the occasional barbeque, it’s smart to think carefully about a floor plan meant for socializing. These features work really well for families who love entertaining, and you’ll find them throughout many of Sterling’s home designs.

The Best Home Features for Entertaining Kitchen Island Image
Large Kitchen Islands
When you’re having a party, you often need a big space to set out food, drinks, and other things your guests might want. The dining room table doesn’t always cut it. Many floor plans feature large kitchen islands that act as an additional table. Having benches at the island gives guests another place to sit. Look for floor plans that have this feature.

Spacious Entryways
One of the biggest challenges of throwing a party is guests tend to arrive at the same time. This usually creates a bit of a backup at the door. The problem is compounded in the winter when guests need to remove jackets and boots before moving into the main part of your home. Having a large entryway or mudroom makes this a lot easier. Additionally, look for entryways with extra features like built-in benches or oversized closets.

Open-Concept Spaces
Open-concept spaces are perfect for entertaining. Guests feel connected to one another even while they’re mingling in small groups. This type of design also means the host of the party doesn’t feel trapped in the kitchen while everyone else is having a good time in another room. You can replenish the salsa while you continue to socialize.

Patios and Outdoor Areas
Even a small patio area or deck expands the space available for hanging out at your parties. They’re especially nice to have when the weather is warm enough for a good barbeque. Plan parties during the summer, and encourage your guests to go outside. A few fun games in the backyard can lure people to the space. Fire pits are nice for roasting marshmallows when the temperature starts to drop.

Mood Lighting
Glaring overhead lights don’t exactly set the right tone for a social occasion. Try to incorporate lighting that can make a different statement for your parties. This could be lights strung around the patio, a dimmer switch in the living room, or an elegant chandelier over the dining room table. There are a lot of options for lighting fixtures when you purchase a brand-new home.