ST. ALBERT - Cultivate Life

St. Albert is also known as “the Botanical Arts city” and for good reason. This nickname reflects the key activities the people of St. Albert value, enjoy, and celebrate. The St. Alberta Botanic Park was originally a Metis community, but today it reflects a diverse population on the Sturgeon River and is the second-largest city in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. With more than 1100 acres of green space, the Arden Theatre, the visual arts studios, and the Musee Heritage Museum, it’s easy to see why St. Albert is renowned for its natural environment and artistic community.

St. Albert’s commitment to a green lifestyle is without a doubt reflected in its residential properties. Over 66,000 residents enjoy the well-rounded quality of life in this Albertan city. Prestigious communities like Kingswood and North Ridge feature single-family homes with welcoming foyers and ensuite bathrooms.

The city of St. Albert is a champion for local businesses as they expand and pursue new opportunities. The Economic Development department assists entrepreneurs of all industries and backgrounds in starting a business. Because of this unparalleled support, commercial real estate spaces are in high demand. It can be quite difficult for a business owner to find the perfect space for them.